First Look at a New Zone of the Enders Project

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Tonight at an event for Zone of the Enders, game designer Hideo Kojima and his studios Kojima Productions announced that they were working on a new Z.O.E. project that currently has the working title of "Enders Project".


Details are scant, but the first concept images for the game were shown.

Enders Project [@iceblockwill via @markmacd]

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It's probably not Zone of the Enders 3. Considering the title he gave it, it's probably an anime, a radio drama or something we will never see in the US. Kojima already pulled this stunt with Snatcher a few years ago, teasing and announcing a new "Snatcher project" that ended up being nothing more than a pointless radio drama CD.

If it was a game, he would've said it was a game. Don't get your hopes up, people.