Japan's Wonderful Animal Fighting Game is Still Coming to the West. YES.

Tokyo Jungle, Sony Japan's game about post-apocalyptic fighting animals in a devastated Tokyo metropolis, may seem like the most Japanese thing ever. And it is. That's not stopping the game from coming to Western PS3 consoles, though.

While the game was originally revealed for European PS3s all the way back in 2010, the resulting silence and lack of US information led many to believe it simply wasn't going to make it. Well, Sony Europe has sent out a new fact sheet for the game, reaffirming its intent to release it in Europe and Australasia.

No such move from Sony America, but given the fact the PS3 is region free, worst-case scenario means US owners can import the British or Australian versions.

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I'm really glad there are still companies making games that are not men shooting with a gun into face of men with a gun. And ironically, most of these games come from Japanese companies which are generally put down by western media nowadays.