They Actually Made a Free-to-Play Theme Song. This Is It.

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I guess we've reached critical mass for free-to-play? To promote free-to-play PS Vita game Samurai and Dragons, Sony and Sega roped in curvy bikini lady Ai Shinozaki to sing a theme song that's actually called "Play for Free".

The b-side better be "Cool Armour Is Extra".

Skip ahead to 57 seconds in to watch Shinozaki dress up as the game's sorceress from the game and sing her heart out and spin her big weapon.

サムライ&ドラゴンズ × 篠崎愛 "Play for Free" [YouTube]

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Jonathan Ponikvar

I was pleasantly surprised by this girl's voice. A girl known for posing half-naked in bikinis actually turns out to have some legitimate musical talent? Awesome.

Though it's a shame that she'll likely never be known for her singing, simply because of the shadow cast by her modeling work. People will remember her boobs instead of her voice. Sad, because this girl can sing.