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It's Finally Time to Meet the Pyro

The Pyro. A man (or possibly woman) shrouded in mystery since Team Fortress 2 launched in 2007. We've gotten to know his compatriots. We've gotten to know lunch. Now it's time to Meet the Pyro, and it's an incredibly disturbing meeting indeed.


In some twisted corner in the back of my mind, this is exactly what I expected of the mysterious masked figure. That kinda makes it worse. Now we know its terrible secret: it thinks it's playing Diablo 3.


Kudos to Valve for irreparably damaging the gameplay experience of every Pyro player in the world in one fell swoop.

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Well I was incredibly disappointed by that.

They just went the cheap route of "Hey, let's make the Pyro completely dillusional!"

There was no story to tell like the Spy or Medic, and no true glimpse at a personality beyond "he's crazy!"