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The 3DS XL Getting Its Own Circle Pad Pro

Illustration for article titled The 3DS XL Getting Its Own Circle Pad Pro

When Nintendo revealed the 3DS XL, Kotaku asked the game maker about the Circle Pad Pro—you know, the add-on circle pad—as it would be too small for the larger 3DS. Nintendo said that the company had nothing to announce at that time. Fast forward to today.


In the recent issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu, Nintendo revealed that, yes, the 3DS XL will also be getting its own Circle Pad Pro. Hope it's called Circle Pad Pro XL.

Whatever Nintendo calls it, the add-on is slated to go on sale sometime this year in Japan. No word yet about a Western release date.


本日発売の週刊ファミ通は、ニンテンドー3DS LLを筆頭に特集てんこ盛り! [Famitsu]

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Jochen Kolbe

HAHAHAHAHA! What a Mega Fail. Its so easy, Nintendo. Why they not make the 3DS XL like this?