A Visual Guide To Real-Time Strategy

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Our Kotaku genre guide series continues this month, appropriately enough, with the resource collecting, unit constructing, zerg rushing battles of real-time strategy, in The Kotaku Genre Guide to the RTS.


We've done role-playing games, and we've done first-person shooters. Now it's time for something a little meatier. The RTS demands a sharp, strategic mind, nimble fingers, and an understanding of the units at your disposal deeper than any real-life general has had for the men under his command. You juggle resources, scout terrain, and hope to hell that when you meet your enemy, you've got the upper hand, metallic appendage, mandible, et cetera.


One thing to bear in mind as you peruse the guide is this is all about real-time strategy; not real-time tactics, so if you're looking for your Total Wars, Kingdoms Under Fire, or your Worlds in Conflict, you won't find them here. Don't worry; we'll get to them eventually. For now, the RTS.

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Illustration for article titled A Visual Guide To Real-Time Strategy

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Dear world:

I was one of those early players of Dune II. You may not remember me or my kin, but you arguably owe the state of current RTS to our devotion to that game.

For those of you who believe that Command and Conquer brought the RTS to the light, for those of you who swear by Starcraft as "the original RTS"....




Thank you,

Dune II player


To this day, I am still frustrated that people believe I'm saying "Doom II" when I refer to this game.