Of Course You Want to Watch Nearly Seven Minutes of DuckTales: Remastered

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Captured live on Capcom's Twitch.tv stream earlier this afternoon at PAX East, seven minutes of gorgeous HD DuckTales remake footage is about all the average human can withstand without exploding, so Capcom trimmed it down to six and three-quarters.


My favorite NES game of all time in the hands of WayForward, the 2D sprite artists in the industry? It's a dream come true, that's what this is. So many hours I spent cursing at my tiny tube television in the basement of my high school sweetheart's parent's house, making up my own demented lyrics to the endlessly-looping music for each level. It was a big DuckTales family — we called the cartoon and game by their proper name — DuckTales Woo-oo.


It was an entire summer of this game and Tiny Toon Adventures; blowing on the bottom of cartridges even though they worked fine, simply out of habit

Maybe I'll be able to share this with my kids this time around. Maybe they'll just eat the controller. As long as they can say "Woo-oo" we'll be good.

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Will it maintain the difficulty of the original or will it be dumbed down for impatient modern gamers? I imagine quite a few who play this now for the first time would simply think it is "broken" because it was so hard.