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Everyday Shooter Shooting Steam

Illustration for article titled Everyday Shooter Shooting Steam

Jonathan Mak's one man show Everyday Shooter is now available to PC gamers via Steam. Like the PlayStation 3 version, it's a mere $9.99 USD—actually $8.99 in its debut week on Valve's digital distribution platform—a bargain for such a fabulous little, Independent Game Festival award winning experience like this. Also exciting? A revamped Steam web site that makes it easier to peruse the ever increasing catalog. Hooray!


Everyday Shooter [Steam Games]

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That'd be to prevent credit card theft. I got around it with EVE Online by e-mailing some things proving my identity (copies of the card and my ID and such), but I never got around it with Steam. Xbox Live is a bitch, too. I've got a Japanese system, I live in Japan, but I have an American credit card (the billing address is my father's house). I have a silver membership to the american Xbox Live, but I can't buy Microsoft points because it won't let me add my credit card as a payment method. I e-mailed Xbox Live support a few times, and they said they can't do anything via e-mail and I had to call the 1-800 support number (which I can't do from Japan). Wee.

It sucks, cause the Japanese Xbox Live is BARREN as far as movies. It has a few music videos or something from some artist I've never heard of, and that's IT.