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Good morning class. Your cool substitute teacher Owen is here to let you goof off and get away with shit that Mr. Crecente doesn't allow. For the next two days anyway. Just so long as you keep your spitwads and paper airplanes away from me.

So, uh, here's your reading list. Komrade Kayce, please pass these out to the rest of the class. Thank you. Be prepared to discuss the nature of symbolism, specifically themes regarding coping with death, in "My PlayStation 2.5". Now, let me pour a mug from this thermos that is absolutely nothing but coffee and don't you little bastards dare suggest otherwise or spread rumors.


On another note, does anyone have any useful or economical suggestions for doing console video-game footage captures onto a Macintosh (with no RCA video board input)? I've tried the Pinnacle "Dazzle" video transfer for Mac. It's a piece of shit. Can't even get a signal. This question is germane to something Adam Barenblat and I hope to deliver next weekend.

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I've tried the whole connecting game systems to my computer with a Dell branded TV tuner (horrible — 3 - 5 seconds of lag) and an Adeptec AVC-1400 Gamebridge, which worked really really well. I played through most of Twilight Princess on that thing, which gave me the added bonus of saving a copy of that one really creepy cut-scene where everybody has knives.

I got mine for $9 from woot.com, but looking now, the cheapest I can find one is $40. Oh, capitalism.

Keep in mind that this was on a computer running Windows XP, so I'm completely unsure as to what the Mac support is. I've tried using Dazzle on Mac before, and while I could technically get it up and running, it functioned pretty horribly.