Chinese MMOs Go After Tibetans ... Er, 'Drug Smugglers'

Oh, the punny, punny Chinese language — an article from an Indian site noted that a "new online game" is offering Chinese players the chance to go after people engaging in cangdu (smuggling drugs, 藏毒) which, if you use the other pronunciation of the first character, sounds like zangdu (Tibetan independence, 藏獨). Some perfunctory nosing around revealed some frighteningly nationalistic rambling and cranky Taiwanese gamers, though at least one 'game' would appear to be new content for an existing MMO, QQ Huaxia. Says the (unnamed in the article) company:

In the promotional material, the company that offers this game is less coy about turning on the jingoistic rhetoric and pitching an anti-Tibetan line.

"We support the Olympics with our unique online game content against Tibetan independence," it says. "We provide new services for China's youth to vent their bilious rage."

Overt displays of rabid nationalism generally make me feel pretty uncomfortable, no matter where it's coming from — and I feel a little bad for GTA IV that the (English language) article went on to compare this MMO add-on to a little good clean fun on the streets of Liberty City.

Tibetans fair game in China [DNA]

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@PratzStrike: Repression my ***! You act as if Tibet was some sort of democratic society before China invaded, when in fact it's a feudal slave society ruled by the aristocrats who regularly tortured the serfs, who are mostly illiterate and represent over 90% of the Tibetan society. The Dalai Lama and the Tibetan flag were actually installed by the Manchu Dynasty, and Tibet gained independence illegally via coercion with the British while China was at civil war.

Most Tibetans living in China does not support these minority of thugs. They planned racist pogroms and murders, and were punished accordingly. I'm sick of Westerners automatically blaming the Chinese government on anything, entirely because China chose not to kowtow to the West's demands. And I'm sick of the using the human rights excuse to bash China, considering that the US turns a blind eye to it's own human rights atrocities in Guantanamo Bay as well as supporting corrupt Middle-Eastern regimes like Saudi Arabia where women and dissidents has no rights at all.