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Condé Nast Snaps Up Ars Technica. The newest addition to the CondéNet family, by way of acquisition, is technology site Ars Technica. The Associated Press reports that the publisher will "combine it with the online operations of Wired magazine." Wired, which republishes its print magazine content online and runs a stable of blogs such as Gadget Lab and Game|Life, seems to have a noticeable amount of coverage crossover with Ars, so we're interested to see how well the two will combine.


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Screw the AP, Ars themselves gives us the skinny here:


Reassuringly, Ken Fisher tells us "Ars Technica will remain an independent publication, with the same editorial leadership in place. I will remain the Editor-in-Chief, and Jon, Eric, and the rest of the editorial team is staying on board, too. "

Good thing too. I like Wired but Ars has never really had the same sort of pretensions to being "mainstream".