Strong Bad's Cool Game Slips To July

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I just returned from a very pleasant lunch at a posh Dunwoody Georgia restaurant with Strong Bad creators Mike and Matt Chapman, where we discussed the upcoming WiiWare episodic adventure game Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive people, and while the meat of said lunch (mainly beef) will be revealed next week, I did learn that the first episode of the game won't be making the original June window. From the voice of Strong Bad himself, Matt Chapman:

"The game is actually now getting pushed back to July, but the game is going to just be much better for it. It's just development time."


So it'll be just a little bit longer before Strong Bad, Homestar and crew make their console debut, but judging by the enthusiasm the Brothers Chap elicited during our gourmet meal I certainly wouldn't be worried about it. When the creators of the property are this enthused without someone poking them with a cattle prod you can generally expect something awesome. Speaking of which, look for the full interview sometime during next week's power-packed episode of Kotaku!

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Mike Fahey

Supposed to BE now. Gah.

And you have to wait because I care enough to take my time and not make typos where it counts.