Digital Legends Bring 3D Fantasy To The iPhone

I might have finally found the motivation to go out and pick up an iPhone. Xavier Carrillo Costa of Spanish developer Digital Legends Entertainment took the stage at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference earlier to show off a new iPhone game coming out in Spetember with graphics that could give the PSP a run for its money.

While we didn't exactly catch the game's name (it sounded like Krull, though Costa's accent is extremely thick), what we did catch was that the developers only got their hands on the iPhone SDK two weeks ago, and porting the game over only took them four days. You use the touch screen to move the character throughout this fantasy adventure game, featuring full 3D characters and environments. Gizmodo's Jason Chen likened the game to Dungeon Seige or God of War.


Super Monkey Ball and caveman karts are all well and good, but this looks like exactly the type of game I'm looking for on my overly expensive Apple product.


[Image Credit: Gizmodo's Liveblog]

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As much as I like the graphics and the effort... I'd still have to wait for the full game.

You know, it's not uncommon to have games that looks all nice but plays like sh*t.

That said, I'm probably going to buy the new iPhone anyways... so nice add to the reasons. :D