Unreal Tournament III Box Mentions Gears 2 "Exclusive Video Content"

Illustration for article titled Unreal Tournament III Box Mentions Gears 2 Exclusive Video Content

Way back in April, Epic exec and brown suit owner Mark Rein hinted at "a little Gears of War 2 related surprise on the disc of Unreal Tournament III." Over at retailer Game UK, Xbox 360 UTIII box art has a sticker that shows the Gears logo and reads: "Exclusive Gears of War 2 Video Content On Disc." Talk about a surprise! Holy shit, this is the biggest surprise like ever. Not like when Halo 3 beta showed up on Crackdown, that was totally not a surprise. But this, this will have us reeling in shock for days.



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It's kinda sad that the Unreal series has gone down this much from its glory days. In my opinion this game can compete with all the other triple AAA shooters. Sadly without mods it is limited, but the normal gameplay and preinstalled maps are far better than anything Halo can muster. (except for what Halo took from the series)