Fitness Instructor Reviews Wii Fit fitness guru Sarah puts the Wii Fit through its paces in this video and comes to pretty much the same conclusion the rest of us did: It's better than not exercising. Here's a taste:

"Labeled as a balance exercise, this game could really double as a core workout however in order to get the benefits you need to engage your core.


Hula Hoop:
"According to my heart rate the benefits I received from hula hoop were equivalent to a walking warm-up. My advice go out and buy and actual hula hoop if you like it that much."

Running Program:
"Why purchase a $90 game to run when you can do it for free?"

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The exercise industry is very hypocritical. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that has failed to stop the growing rate of obesity yet continues to profit from it. The industry continually makes false promises about achieving amazing results in a short amount of time. It is completely out of touch with the average person.

Most people don't like to exercise because it feels like work. That is why people call exercising these days "working out". Wii Fit tries to make exercise fun without trying to make absurd promises about health benefits.

Running outside is free but most people don't find it fun.