Leaked Details On Lips, Microsoft's Answer To SingStar

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Microsoft's uncanny inability to keep a secret has resulted in a major dump of early—and unofficial—information. Rumored details on one of the company's upcoming games, Lips—already known via a previous leak—has made its way onto the internet, courtesy of the intrepid and nosy NeoGAF crowd. Details on the Xbox 360 answer to Sony's SingStar have emerged, a "music and singing game that includes 30 songs, 2 wireless interactive microphones, the ability to use and sing your own music or downloaded songs from an online service."


More details on Microsoft's Lips for the Xbox 360 after the jump.

According to details allegedly culled from marketing materials, Lips will score players on their singing, tracking pitch, rhythm and tune. In addition, the included microphone peripherals are said to have lights on the shaft the "pulse to the rhythm of your voice" along with motion sensors that let players "dance, move or swing to score points."

Lips is said to include 30 songs, but will let gamers use their own music ripped from a CD or iPod. The game will drop recorded vocals in uploaded tracks, letting players sing along and be scored by their tune-holding ability. Lips will also let you add lyrics to uploaded tracks.

There's also talk of a music download service, which charges users "a small fee" for each song.

Consider this rumor for now, but realize these are Microsoft rumors and, therefore, likely true.

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this is appropriate... Sony was voted most innovative company, (apple at 2) Microsoft were at 3 and Nintendo at 7!

Seriously though, they all innovate... they all use each others ideas though, it's called progression... if one company come up with a good idea... the others aren't just gonna sit back, their gonna fight back... i mean come on guys competition is good! Without it we would just be lying under shovelware!

lol anyway... lips? somehow i don't think it will hook as many people as singstar has already in Europe...