Powers & Titans Probably Announced For 360, PS3, PC

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I say "probably" because, yes, this is from the same marketing leak we've been having so much fun with today. A new title listed on the site is called Powers & Titans, and is apparently for the PS3, 360 and PC. Described only as an "action game", you're a super hero able to choose your own powers (no mention of licensed characters), and have to employ the right powers for the right fight/situation. While a singleplayer element is described, it sounds like the focus is on multiplayer, with players able to form "super teams" online and then perform missions, like "invading a city" or "protecting a convoy". A little like City of Heroes for the trigger-happy, then.


Luke Plunkett

@D Mitsuki: The actual site seems to have woken up and locked most stuff down.