Marathon: Durandal Map Pack Drops Tomorrow

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Fans of Freeverse's port of the Bungie classic Marathon for Xbox Live Arcade are getting a real treat tomorrow as the company announces the imminent release of the Jjaro Map Pack. Due out tomorrow, the map pack includes twelve classic multiplayer levels from Marathon and Marathon Infinity: Thrud, Vulcan, King of Pain, Spiral Insanity, Dead Fields, Morphine, La Cosa Nostra, Mars Needs Women, ‘Fugee Camp, What Goes Up Must Come Down, Arena, and Spline. Each new map will support the new game types King of the Hill, Man with the Ball, and Tag.

The pack also includes the Jjaro texture and design set from Marathon Infinity, as well as two new achievements with the potential to add another 30 points to your gamerscore.

Look for the Jjaro Map Pack tomorrow for the low, low price of 250 Microsoft points. It looks so old it's practically new!

Freeverse Announces New Content Pack for Critically Acclaimed Marathon: Durandal on Xbox LIVE Arcade

New York - June 17th, 2008 - Freeverse, Inc. today announced its plans to release a major downloadable content pack for its 2007 XBox LIVE Arcade port of Marathon: Durandal, Bungie's classic first-person shooter. Slated for a June 18th release, this content pack will extend the Marathon gaming experience on the Xbox 360 gaming console with new maps, game modes, and textures.

Available for 250 Microsoft Points on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, the Jjaro Map Pack for Marathon: Durandal will include 12 classic multiplayer levels previously seen in Bungie's Marathon and Marathon Infinity.

Nostalgic players will recall the names of these classic maps: Thrud, Vulcan, King of Pain, Spiral Insanity, Dead Fields, Morphine, La Cosa Nostra, Mars Needs Women, ‘Fugee Camp, What Goes Up Must Come Down, Arena, and Spline.

Each of these downloadable maps will support new gametypes previously unseen in their original release on the Macintosh platform, including King of the Hill, Kill the Man with the Ball, and Tag.

Also included in this downloadable content pack is the "Jjaro" collection, a texture and design set previously introduced in Marathon Infinity. In addition to these exciting new environments in which to play, players will also be able to unlock two new achievements:

Thing What Kicks - Kill a Juggernaut in Survival and live to tell the tale. 20 points.

King Pfhor a Day - Outscore all other players (at least 3) combined in a King of the Hill or Kill the Man with the Ball match. 10 points.

Players must download and enable the Jjaro Map Pack before they can earn these challenging new achievements.

Marathon, considered ahead of its time in 1994, was a first-person shooter featuring an advanced 3D graphics engine, interesting story line, and compelling multiplayer game modes. Unique level design set players against obstacles and puzzles, including low-gravity spots, crushing ceilings, and magnetic fields that interfere with the player's motion sensor. Marathon's unique gameplay paved the way for two sequels, as well as Bungie's later franchise Halo.

Freeverse's 2007 XBox LIVE Arcade port adds some modern flair to this timeless classic, including a revised hud, enhanced widescreen high-definition graphics, and an increased framerate. Multiplayer is possible through four-player split-screen and 8-player games over Xbox LIVE, including both co-op and deathmatch modes. Winner of a Best of Show Award at the E3 2007 show, Marathon: Durandal is currently available on the XBox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points.

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I grabbed the pack very early this morning, but didn't find anyone on.