EA: Best Of Luck To Former EALA Head Young In Amicable Parting

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Electronic Arts is sending Neil Young off with well wishes, the company told Kotaku today. EA's VP of corporate communications Jeff Brown said that the EA Los Angeles studio head and Blueprint division leader's recent departure was known ahead of time and was wholly amicable.


"In addition to his creative output, Neil distinguished himself as a team leader," said Brown of his colleague's career, which saw young overseeing titles like Majestic, The Sims 2 and Boom Blox. "In particular, he stepped in to rally the development teams and lead a turnaround at EA Los Angeles."

All of Neil's former teammates are looking forward to see what he accomplishes in his new endeavor, Brown said.

"Neil has all the tools he needs to be a successful entrepreneur: great creative instigator, great communicator, and great leadership skills."

We've contacted Young himself for comment and await reply.


I'm still convinced that if that photo had a caption it would read:

"After receiving a request to come to his office and offer his advice on a new project, Neil Young opens the door and gets a full view of Peter Moore's shiny, new-tattooed ass.