Ryu Ga Gotoku Movie Screening In New York

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Oneechanbara isn't the only video game-to-movie adaptation screening at the upcoming New York Asian Film Festival. Director Takashi Miike's film Ryu Ga Gotoku, known as Yakuza in the West and Like A Dragon when literally translated, is based on the PlayStation 2 game from Sega of the very same name. It will make its North American premiere next Monday, June 23 at the IFC theater, with a repeat performance on July 3. But wait, there's even more video game fun hitting that silver screen.

In addition, as friend of the site Matt Hawkins was nice enough to tip us off to, two episodes of Retro Game Master will be screened at the event. You may know the series better as Game Center CX, in which host Shinya Arino is tasked with beating games under a time limit. This is similarly a North American debut and will feature Ghosts 'n' Goblins and Mystery of Atlantis.


Matt tells us that he's planning to review a good portion of this stuff in his Cinema Pixeldiso column for GameSetWatch. If you've never read the irregular column, it's all about video game inspired cinema and, furthermore, shame on you.

Like A Dragon & Retro Game Master [Subway Cinema]

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xeleion is No Zaku, Boy!

Miike! I love his crazy ass! Ichi the Killer and Gozu are so sexy good. I will see this movie ASAP.