Kotaku Originals: Power to the Paper Trail

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Sunday's major security breakdown in a marketing research firm's website opened up a flood of info and set Kotaku Originals off to a strong start early in the week. McWhertor then came up for air from leak coverage to give you a full breakdown of the epic (in scope, and in length) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.


Also, Tecmo asked everyone to be extraspecialcareful with rumors, and denied Team Ninja is bolting and suing everyone in sight, expecting that to be the end of that. Bash responded by digging up lawsuit docs and other reportage, with voluminous translation, that shows, yes, this is in fact about more than two semigruntled coders.

Major news week here at Kotaku, people. It pays to stay informed, and here's a roundup in case you missed anything. Full list follows highlights after the jump.

Hard Proof That Tecmo Japan Is Lying? (This Seems Like It)

Tecmo Says Team Ninja Exodus Rumors False, Calls Out U.S. Media

Microsoft: Leaked Concepts "May Or May Not" Be Real Products

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Review: Kept You Waiting, Huh?

SCEE: We're Dedicated To Our First Party Studios, No Problems Here

Legal Mess Over Euro Alone In The Dark Reviews

"DS Hardware Demand Has Now Peaked Globally, Software Downturn To Follow"

EA: Best Of Luck To Former EALA Head Young In Amicable Parting


Civilization Revolution Review: Compromise, Or Compromised?

Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Controller Outdoes Rock Band

Guitar Hero World Tour First Look

Pac-Man T-Shirt Spreads The WordTake-Two Settles FTC Compliance Issues In EA Bid

Sporepedia: 350,000 And Counting

My Trip To Ninjatown

Russian Gaijins Go Anime-Style With X-Blades

Behind Enemy Lines With Velvet Assassin

Source: Leaked "Crucible" Is Oblivion Designer's New Console RPG

Riccitiello: Take-Two Bid Focused On Holiday Season, Not GTA IV

RZA Keen To Checkmate New Wu-Tang Game

No End In Sight: EA Extends Take-Two Offer Again

NECA's Gears Of War: Series 2

Wii Update 3.3 Kills Freeloader Too?

Alrighty Kids, Pick The Best Snake Stache

Blast Works Review: Build, Trade And Destroy

Massive Leaks Are Rumors, Says Marketing Company Responsible

Interview: D3P's Takenaka Talks Coraline Game, Universal Pictures Agreement

Microsoft/Activision News Leak: The Round-Up

XNA Games "Most Likely Less Expensive" Than XBLA Ones

You Don't Know Jack Probably Announced For The Wii

Racing Equity Probably Announced

New Tony Hawk Game To Employ Motion-Controlled Peripheral?

Microsoft Avatars Will Be Playable, Licensed?

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II Details, Platforms

Powers & Titans Probably Announced For 360, PS3, PC

Rumor: "Trioxide" To Allow Console Games To Be Played On PC?


It pays to stay informed? Where's my cheque? :)

(Maybe I have to get an analyst job first...)

And yes the marketing leak was hilarious. Mind you, so was the Team Ninja thing (uh presumably unless you were involved). Seems like this was the official gaming news/comedy intersection week.