Settlement Makes GTA Movie Impossible

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Back in February we spotted a rumor that a GTA movie starring Eminem almost happened. It was knocked down the same day by Rockstar's Dan Houser, who said "we never entertained proceeding with the project." Maybe the story pitch was crap, but even if it wasn't, now we know at least one reason why.


LA Weekly's Nikkie FInke reports on her blog that a settlement prohibits Rockstar from making a movie based on Grand Theft Auto, which is the same name as a 1977 film whose rights are owned by Fox. The settlement also prohibits Fox from making any video game based on that movie. I've never seen it, but considering all the crappy adaptations done out there, obviously this settlement was more about protecting Fox's copyrights than Rockstar's.


Interestingly, the Grand Theft Auto film in question got an updated box right around the time the original GTA craze hit (above), and you can see the similarities in the typefaces. Not sure if this was part [or provocation] of the settlement or not.

All About the Grand Theft Auto Movie [Nikkie FInke's Deadline Hollywood Daily, via Shacknews]

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@Poochy: I never said the objective was to kill those people but it happens. I don't have the patience to stop at every single in game traffic light so i can be a nice little ol gang member that lets people cross the street and helps them with their groceries. Did i mention the fact that im a fucking gangster? I did realise i needed to check my moral fucking compass when im playing a game whos so purpose is kill people and blow shit up.

I guess i also forgot that videogames are supposed to be an escape from reality where we can pretend we're different people doing things we would never ever do. Isnt that why we play these games? Im sorry they havnt made games based upon the adventures of Pope John Paul III so you and all your saintly friends can get together and see if you can ordain a new saint.

You do realise they make movies about this same stuff right? Like Casino, Goodfellas, Scareface, The Godfather etc etc. Do you choose not to watch those? Because, going by your standards, i would assume that just by WATCHING these movies im becoming some sort of menace to society because of the simple fact that these movies are ENTERTAINING to watch. Or should i be watching these movies cowering in fear thinking of what crazed people might see these films and then go wreak havoc upon the world.