iDOLMASTER Tickets Are Crazy Expensive

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Fans of Namco's Xbox 360-exclusive, J-pop idol sim THE iDOLM@STER are rich, it seems. Tickets for the iDOLM@STER event "THE iDOLM@STER 3rd Anniversary Live later this month have been going bananas. Auction prices have hit as high as ¥138,000 or US$1,292 (starting at ¥6,500 or $61) and fetching about $470 on average. The event will have the full iDOLM@STER voice cast in attendance, so perhaps these prices are understandable.

No, no they are not.

アイドルマスターライブ [my game news flash via Sankaku Complex]

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Crazy prices!

But not very surprizing... people in Japan have money to spend.

Be it in absurdly expensive stores in Ginza, or in otaku events such as this one.

What I find real interesting is that posts about idolmaster or whatever japanese game with anime characters are like douche magnets.

There will always be someone saying about how japanese culture is screwed up, and how japanese are pedo and such.

Because of course, western society is the pinnacle of civilization.

People seems to fail to realise that while ok, Japan has lolicon and several other open sexual deviations, it's here in the western countries that we have more pedophilia-related crimes, violence and general cultural problems.

I'd rather 10x have some closet pedos that play, read and watch lolicon related stuff and pays for events like these every now and then than tons of priests and closet pedos that will really abuse children and commit crimes which happens A LOT in western countries.

I'd also like to add a F*CK YOU to people who thinks Japan is only that.