This Is The Sound of Afrika

Have a listen of the Afrika soundtrack, scored by composer Wataru Hokoyama. His website notes the composer's background in film and TV composing. While the music does make us want to march around Kotaku Tower, we do imagine that playing something as exciting as this while safari picture takin' would frighten the wild critters.

First Look (Listen) To The Music of PS3 Afrika [MTV Multi-Player]

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Darth Tigris


I've been preaching the Toto gospel since this game was announced. If it was on 360, I'd replace this with my own soundtrack full of Toto and other 'Africa' related songs.

As for the track, its ok. I'm a huge fan of symphonic scores, but this sounded really like a TV show theme from the 60's or 70's or even early 80's. Its ok, just typical.


How DARE ye! John Williams is without equal, and Jurassic Park music is better than YOU!