Lost Planet The Movie By Solid Snake Is Just Shy Of Confirmed

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The voice of Solid Snake says that the film adaptation of Capcom's Lost Planet is this close — you can't see, but my fingers are but a hair's-breadth apart — to being confirmed, pending a deal with Warner Bros. That deal, David Hayter says, is "just closing" but "not entirely confirmed yet" according to a report from IGN.

It's good news for Lost Planet fans — and not just because of Hayter's screenwriting nerd cred based on his X-Men and Watchmen scripts — because the man cares deeply about the source material.


"There is gap in Hollywood between people who write good movies and those who appreciate good video games," Hayter said. The man with the trademark voice says he tries "to make an effort to take the essence of the game, keep as much of that as possible, and still put it into a proper film structure." Yes, yes, but will it feature bug shooting? 'Cause bug shooting is key.

AX08: Solid Snake Discusses Lost Planet [IGN]

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@wild homes gets retconned!: I don't know, dude. The Thing pulled it off pretty well. The desolation of a hostile outdoor environment with limited visibility, paired with a naturally claustrophobic indoor enviroment, has a lot of dramatic and narrative potential. Moreover, there's a lot of gold to be mined from the notion that you can neither see the principals' faces nor hear their dialogue.

In an ideal world, Lost Planet would be like Besson's Le Dernier Combat on steroids; a conflict is drawn out visually between the anonymity of the cast members and their inhabitable surroundings, relying almost solely on implication and visual cues to carry the narrative. I don't think enough directors/cinematographers really take advantage of how frightening a white, snow-blasted environment can be. The potential for sound production alone is making me giddy.

There's a good, solid thematic framework for a thought-provoking sci-fi film in here. I don't think Lost Planet will be it, but there's a lot of interesting things to play around with in its core concept.