Super Mario Mural: And ... Mario's Already Missed a Coin

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Am I the only one looking at this with an OCD urge to rip back the controller and go hit the first coinbox? Come on, this is World 1-1. And it's painted on a concrete wall, although Mr. Juandrful over at Kezins doesn't say exactly where.


I wanted it to be a self-esteem project painted by a group of at-risk Goombas, but no, it's the handiwork of an artist who goes by BPAK. It's a "Quikrete infused" mural that took three weeks to complete.

Super Mario Outdoor Wall o' Art []

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@Pezdispenser: Oh, maybe that's what I'm thinking of. It's been such a long time since I played SMB, that I probably forgot where all the cool tricks like the turtle tip was.