Dragon Quest V DS Ships A Million

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Dragon Quest is popular stuff! Take the DS Dragon Quest V remake , which went on sale July 17th in Japan. Square Enix announced that the game has shipped over a million copies in Japan. It's interesting to note that Dragon Quest IV also moved a million copies (rather quickly, apparently!) when it went on sale last November. So pencil in all future DQ remakes at a million copies shipped, then! 「ドラゴンクエストV 天空の花嫁」国内出荷本数100万本突破 [IT Media]


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Tim Rogers

@shrek187: no :(

the proper urban legend is that

in 1989, lots of people were late to school or work so that they could pick up dragon quest iii for the famicom.

this is why dragon quest iv was released on a saturday instead of the traditional thursday.

this is why all subsequent new dragon quest games were also released on saturdays.


in other news, i love DQV! it's the best member of the series as far as i'm concerned. excellent storytelling. AND the monster-collecting gimmick is actually really well thought-out (this is pre-pokemon, btw) and even better implemented.

still haven't opened the copy i bought on release day. however! i have gotten to the last chapter of the DQIV remake. so. we're getting somewhere.

the difficulty is really, really, sharply dumbed down, i must say. enemy encounter rates are through the floor, enemies give seemingly twice as much gold, weapons are cheaper, and stores buy items back for 3/4 the asking price instead of 1/2. in other words: speedy!

and actually kind of more enjoyable. and relaxing.