Space Invaders Worldwar Tourney Launches

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Square Enix just kicked off a Japan versus US tournament to showcase their free-to-play Flash game Space Invaders Worldwar. The 30th Anniversary game plays like a blend of Galaga and Space Invaders with a touch of Tempest thrown in for good measure. In the tournament players will be drawn from the 194 nations represented and "pitted directly against each other." Not sure what that means, but I think they mean that they will be tracking scores. Real-time progress reports will be provided throughout the tournament on the Yahoo! America and Yahoo! Japan sites. The tournament itself seems sort of pointless, what with seemingly no prizes or real individual winner, but I'm kinda loving this new take on the game. My only issue with it is that there's some lag for me when I play. It would be great to see this show up on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Hey they could even drop it in for free! Hit the jump to give the game a try.

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@Robotube: Maybe if you yell really loud...

Cool game, though. Anyone else notice the terrible translation under the "How to play" section? It's like Zero Wing sans images.