How To Make Money With Fable II Pub Games

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The Fable II Pub Games are dropping this week on Xbox Live, a series of gambling games that will allow you to make money for your Fable II character before the game's October release. Definitely a nifty idea, but how does it work? According to Eurogamer, who got the down-low from developer Lionhead. Basically you choose a persona to gamble with using the Pub Games. Create one or create several, it really doesn't matter. Play the games, make your gold, and then - and this is important - buy Fable II when it comes out. The whole process falters if you skip this step. Once you are safely playing Fable II, initiate a gaming session with a Gamemaster at your local tavern, or one of the conveniently wandering types found throughout the game. Start up a game, and you'll be asked if you wish to merge your in-game persona with your gambling persona. Once you agree, your Pub Games horde will be at your fingertips, and you'll be able to outfit your dog in the latest doggy gear at your leisure. Simple! Lionhead explains Fable 2 money transfers News [Eurogamer]

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Ya, I understand what a lot of people are saying here about having a mass-amount of gold from the start might ruin the experience. But, if you guys remember, your characters have a limited amount of time to live before the grow old so grinding the quests for gold may damper the quality of life for your char. Anyways, if you want to own every building in a town, I don't see it happening without using Pub Games to get gold.