- "We Don’t Think Of Ourselves As A Game Company"

Illustration for article titled - "We Don’t Think Of Ourselves As A Game Company" want to make it very clear - they don't make games. They have been working on their PC racing game simulation for four years and they take it very seriously. So seriously that, now it is out of beta playtesting just testing and it is ready to play be experienced they want to make sure nobody gets the wrong impression and accidentally has fun. "I wouldn't go so far as to say that ‘game' is a four-letter word to us, but we don't think of ourselves as a game company," says iRacing marketing guy Scott McKee, "What we offer is really the world's most sophisticated commercially available racing simulation, conceived and designed with a very discriminating customer in mind - professional racers." To reflect the distinction, iRacing has coined the entirely non-ludicrous term MMIS — Massively Multiparticipant Internet Sport So please bear that in mind if you decide to play their game. It's not a game, and you aren't playing it. Red Sox Owner's Simulation Startup,, Waves the Green Flag [Xconomy via Slashdot]