Gish Creator Enters The Aether

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Edmund McMillen, creator of the amazing indie computer game Gish, is back, and this time around he's exploring the far reaches of space and the inner depths of his soul, all at once. Aether is the story of a lonely boy who befriends a strange monster with a tongue capable of propelling them both into the stars and beyond. The team explores strange new planets, each containing a puzzle to solve while exploring McMillen's own childhood fears.

...its a simple experimental "Art" game about childhood and escapism. Its a very honest and personal project i've been a little worried about making public because its exposes a lot of the fears i had when i was a child and puts me in a vulnerable places. But i feel like there are some out there that can appreciate something honest that has a lot of heart.


It's a simple, yet endearing little game that becomes all the more interesting once you know where it's coming from. You can play the flash version here, or hit the link to download it to your Mac or PC. Download Aether [Armor Games]


Beautiful game altogether. Just beat it and enjoy that it is just a lighthearted frolic through a galaxy with Portal/Braid ish puzzles to solve. Makes me want to play Spore all the more.

The Synthesaesia aspect of the never-ending piano with planet proximity as a modifier really makes this a relaxing game to play. I can't wait for the sequel!