Alien Breed Remake Coming In 2009

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Remember Alien Breed? It was an Amiga classic, later rolling up on the (DOS) PC. If you are unfamiliar, think Gauntlet, with a heavy dose of Aliens - space Marines battling wave after wave of slavering death, the usual deal. Well, remember it or no - it's coming back. Team 17 have confirmed to Videogaming247 that they are working on a remake for release next year. Quite how it will distinguish itself from all the other space-marine-battling-wave-after.. etc, games that have arrived since the early 90s — not to mention the officially licensed Aliens games — remains to be seen. It was fun at the time though, so maybe Team 17 still have a bit of the old magic left down the back of the action gaming sofa. Alien Breed confirmed for next year, logo released[VG247]


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Team 17 is doing the right thing. Hope Factor 5 follows example and releases a new Turrican. Only the future will tell, but there are truly and literally tons of old Commodore Amiga classics no one remembers today (or worse, no one ever played them back in 1990) that would fit perfectly on both download services and portable consoles. At least we got Commodore 64 on Wii VC. I still dream the day we will get Commodore Amiga on the VC!