Arcade Mania In (Japanese) Stores

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Countdown to TGS Yeah! TGS is around the corner. It's a month later this year, which is fantastic, really. Went out today to run a few errands, and it's still horribly humid here. The best advice I've heard from anyone about visiting Tokyo in the fall is from Mark Rein of all people (crazy, I know). "You need to bring a small towel when in Tokyo", advised the Epic exec. Agreed. Even in early October, it could be a little humid in Japan, so you'll need that towel to mop your brow. Though, I do think it'll be cooling off in October. Hopefully. Fuck, what am I a weatherman? While out in the heat today, I swung by Kinokuniya bookstore in Umeda — where Arcade Mania is on sale. (Many thanks to Facebook friend Daniel for spotting it there!) Since it's an English language book, it was stuffed back in the foreign section, right between a book about strange Japanese inventions, a Harumi cookbook, a book on sushi and Japan Ai: A Tall Girl's Adventures in Japan. The arcade book is not for sale on US Amazon site just yet, but reader Robert from Sweden (pic after the jump) imported it from the Japanese Amazon site, which is currently selling the book. Elsewhere, Warren Ellis was kind enough to give Arcade Mania a quick mention on his site — big thanks to Warren for his continued support. On Saturday, September 27th, there will be an event in Tokyo's Ikebukuro for the book. I'll post more info about that tomorrow. Hopefully some of the reader people will be able to make it out, say "hi", have a beer. What you missed last night New Fable II Screens Bring The Spooky Game Ads Show Up In The Darndest Places How Activision Will Nickel & Dime You On Future Call Of Duty Games Yes, Infinity Ward Are Doing The Next Call Of Duty Europe Gets ANOTHER 360 Price Cut Steve Ballmer's Desire To Buy Nintendo PS3 Launch Message "A Little Too Zealous"

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Bring Back Duckman!

Sorry Mr. Ashcraft... I might just buy your book at Borders with a 30% off coupon when it comes out.

Or will the library get it first?