"300" Director Signs With EA

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Move over Steven Spielberg! There's now another Hollywood movie director in the EA stable. Zack Snyder, the filmmaker behind 300 and The Watchmen adaptations, has signed a three game deal with EA much like the Spielberg deal. The company will retain full ownership of the Snyder-developed titles, Variety reports, but EA will also work with him to possibly bring the games to the silver screen. Since the deal has literally just been closed, Snyder apparently hasn't even come up with the first game yet. Imagine it'll be a while before we see anything on these titles. Zack Snyder making three games for EA [The Cut Scene] [Pic]

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I think its really interesting how many people consider 300 a movie for testosterone driven frat boys. I loved the movie and I am pretty far from a frat boy (I hate frats!). I can understand people not liking it because it wasn't historically accurate but c'mon unless you were there, no one actually knows what really happened and for all we know, all of world history is inaccurate. The whole displaying Persians as monsters thing, I thought that was just visually displaying how the Spartans viewed them. I can see how some thought it was shallow, I think I could argue that, depends on what you idea of deep is.