How's That Mad Max Game Coming Along, Cory Barlog?

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God of War II designer and number one Facts of Life fan Cory Barlog got back to bloggin' today, giving the world an update on his latest project, a video game based on Mad Max. Barlog's whittling away on the game's story with Mad Max director George Miller with the two having apparently "put the final touches on the Mad Max story and game design structure and mechanics." We're envisioning dialog tree choices like "Do you want to saw your own arm off? Y/N." Yes, it's going to be a long wait for your digital Mad Max fix, kids, with Barlog writing that they're "working with some publishers to get a deal locked down so we can start making this bad boy." Temper your excitement for now, as Barlog warns "I have no idea when actual production will begin." Fortunately, Barlog notes that he's also got a "little multi-player ditty" in the works, which is in the negotiations stages as well. He says it's "freaking awesome." It better not be Calling All Cars 2, Cory.'s the Tree's. They're mad...they're trying to kill us! [Don't Play Games With Me!]

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John Kauderer

As I get older Mad Max gets better and better but the sequels keep getting worse. Anyone else notice that?