KOEI To Show Off 2009 Lineup At London MCM Expo

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KOEI are bringing their 2009 lineup to the London MCM Expo, giving European gamers their first chance to get hands-on with the games it unveiled at the Tokyo Games Show. Among the games on show will be Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce, Monster Racers and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. The MCM Expo is a consumer-focused games, comics and anime/manga event, taking place this weekend (Oct 25/26) at the ExCel centre in London's Docklands.If you can't make it, don't worry - Kotaku will be there to bring news of KOEI's lineup, plus the Dead Space launch, MK Vs DCU, Street Fighter IV Arcade and random cosplayers wishing they had made something a bit more suitable for the late October weather. PLAY OUR 2009 LINE UP AT THE LONDON MCM EXPO THIS WEEKEND [KOEI]


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I have nothing against the Warriors franchise. I do think with WO2 now out they need to take a break from Japan and China and explore the mythology of King Author.