Halloween Cosplay Contest Start!

Check your calenders, because soon it will be Halloween. What better way to celebrate Halloween than dressing up in scary costumes. And what better way to encourage you to do that than have a cosplay contest. We've got a hand-made Dead Space helmet. There are only 8 of this on the planet Earth. The contest: Dress-up like a game character (any game character is okay!) and send along a picture of you holding up a Kotaku sign to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom with the subject line Cosplay Contest. Please do not send photos of Kotaku signs Photoshopped in. The deadline is November 1st. The winner will be selected by Kotakuland and get this helmet. Happy Halloween to everyone and all that crap! Dead Space [Official Site]

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Woah, A Dead Space helmet? Great... now to figure out which of the multitude of video game characters I should dress up as now. *ponderponderponder*