Casual Devs Agree: Apple Great, Sony Nintendo Not As Great

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There's a casual games forum going on in London. It's called the Casual Games Forum. And there, a bunch of casual developers have got together, and one of the issues that's come up has been the iPhone. And how great working with Apple is. And how much greater it is working with Apple than with other platform holders. Like Nintendo or Sony. Kuju's James Brooksby says:

Support has been excellent - more than you might expect from other companies that work in the games sector. Everything they tell us is very useful.

Another area that Apple is top dog in? Speed. Bad Management's John Cook:

If you work in the console space you are used to a lot more control in almost every area. It's an amazing service, especially for things like the speed with which they turn around the release of content patches.


Mightn't seem like this stuff is that important, but it's the kind of stuff that attracts developers to a platform. That and the fact there are already millions of iPhones and iPod Touches out there. That doesn't hurt either. iPhone devs say Apple beats Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft as a format-holder [CasualGaming]

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So the iPhone is gping to save my DS from all that shovelware? Oh, mighty savior!