Governor Sarah Palin Is Air Milf

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With the election proper only a day away, gamers' thoughts naturally turn to one thing - video games featuring Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Comedy Central has us covered with Air Milf, an action-filled shooter in which the Governor of Alaska takes out wolves from a helicopter with a high-powered rifle. The key to success lies in stringing together headshots, with the point value rising with each successful kill. While the creators earn points for the dramatic musical score, they lose said points immediately after due to not having the actual Airwolf theme. And please, don't take this post as me endorsing one candidate or the other. As far as I am concerned, Cobra had the right idea with Serpentor. ">Air Milf: The Video Game [Comedy Central]


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Am I the only person in the orld that doesn't think of Sarah Palin as a MILF? I mean she really isn't that attractive. She's more like a MIMF (Mom I Might F**k). Like if I was really, really drunk, or very bored.