CORRECTED: Race Against Rapper, Developers Nov. 16

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Midnight Club: Los Angeles racers can take their game up against the Rockstar San Diego team that designed it, from 4 pm to 7 pm EST (2 to 5 pm Crecente time) tomorrow Sunday, Nov. 16. After that, Rockstar brings L.A.-based rapper MURS to the club, and you can race against him from 7 to 9 pm EST. Anyone gets up against him, ask if he practiced for this. I'm always curious if Game with Fame participants study up before hitting the console. If you're interested, the gamertags for everyone are on the jump. And you can also read more about MURS and the racing developers if you like.Rockstar San Diego Gamertags: RockstarNYTest1 RockstarNYTest2 RkstrNYQALEAD1 RkstrNYQALEAD2 RkstrSDDesign1 RkstrSDDesign2 RkstrSDDesign3 RkstrSDDesign4 RkstrSDTest1 RkstrSDCode1 RkstrSDArt01 RkstrSDAudio1 rockstarnyc01 rockstarnyc02 rockstarnyc03 Murs' Gamertag: Rob Feature

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Yeah, Murs is awesome. Comparing Souljah Boy to Murs is like comparing Uwe Boll to Brian Singer: sure they're both directors, but come on.