MotorStorm's Target Render "Pissed Us Off A Lot" Say Devs

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Evolution Studios lead designer Nigel Kershaw and creative director Paul Hollywood, responsible for the recent MotorStorm: Pacific Rift for the PlayStation 3, tell 1UP that the "infamous" E3 2005 trailer for the first MotorStorm "kind of pissed us off a lot." Why? Well, for one thing, it wasn't created by them and set the team up for "expectations about the rendering prowess that we were going to expose." Oh yeah. And it was created before the dev team had received official hardware specifications from Sony. Being told that they were "the worst [of Sony's first-party developers] in the world" by former Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios head Phil Harrison probably didn't help."They actually announced the hardware specifications on a slide show presentation," Hollywood said in a newly published video interview. "We sat and jotted them down... and then they showed us our movie. So it was like, 'This is what the PlayStation 3 can do, and this is what you're gonna get on it.' And we sat there trying to do the math in our head, going 'Can we really do this stuff that we're doing now?'" "Nobody denied it. Nobody said it wasn't in-game," Kershaw said of the PS3 target render. Fortunately, it sounds like some harsh words from Phil Harrison helped the team tap turn out a pretty damn good racer. Shame it didn't quite look like that first glimpse... "We showed MotorStorm to the board of Sony in November 2005. So basically, the infamous E3 video had been out, so there's all these expectations about the rendering prowess that we were going to expose... and we showed them a lot of boxes," Hollywood explained. "At the end of the show, Phil Harrison took us to one side and said, 'You guys are the worst in the world....' At that point we went, 'Right, we'll show you.'" Kershaw further details the team's perspective on the controversial E3 2005 trailer: "But it's this thing that haunts you, that you didn't match your target render.... Everybody makes such a big fucking deal of it. Who gives a shit? That's how we make games. If people have got a problem with that, tough." Nigel Kershaw On How MotorStorm's Original Target Video "Pissed Us Off a Lot" [1UP]


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While i was one of those pissed off quite a bit that target renders were sold as the real deal (there´s a difference between saying this is a trailer or this is concept artwork and stating this is what the console can do and games will look like on it), i still feel like its a weird move by the devs to come out with this now. If they were really pissed about it they would have cleared up the situation back then. To me it feels like even if they knew they couldn´t reach that target render they still quite profited from the fact that many many were hyped for the game due to seeing that target render initiall, without it they wouldn´t have had a similar hype for their game and probably then also lower sales. So to come out after the fact, after profiting from it and saying,hey hey, we were pissed of by iot feels a bit werid to me.

I don´t know who really decided to put that trailer out and make it seem like it was the real deal, i also don´t know if Phil really said such things to developers (if so that sure is ugly, even if it motivated them to push as much as they could) but yeah, it feells a bit self righteous from the to come out with such a statement now, not back in 2005.