New Club Nintendo Prizes Underwhelm

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Members of the Japanese version Club Nintendo who have racked up the required number of points from their Nintendo purchases will be able to secure one of the lovely prizes seen above — a gold painted Mario Kart Wii wheel, a Club Nintendo calendar for 2009 and a plush-looking Mario hat. Were the Wii wheel to come in Wario purple and gold and have a little "W" stamped upon it, I'd snap it up instantly, but would have to settle for the hat — were I to be a member. Hopefully, Nintendo of America will be offering something a little more exciting than these particular wares when the domestic version of Club Nintendo launches... later this year? Frankly, they're no these or even this. Given that all this stuff has been manufactured with Club Nintendo American-style already in mind, we should set the bar at this level and no higher. Club Nintendo Prizes [Nintendo of Japan]


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Wow, I've been waiting forever for Club Nintendo and never actually thought it would get here. Now that it is, I really hope we get better stuff than this. Unless that Gold wheel has some kind of tie-in to an upcoming Zelda racer I don't know about, I don't think I need it. Game and Watch collections and Tingle DS games however I DO need.

Okay, need maybe overstating, but they'd sweet.

I just hope they count all the games you've registered previously. I've gotten so little for having SOOOO many Nintendo games registered on the site there.