MyRacer - The Korean Flash Lite Handheld

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Do what now? This must be the season for left-field consoles to materialize. The MyRacer is an oddly named handheld games device from Korea. It comes with a 320x240 color screen, an MP3 player, subway map and the ability to play Adobe Flash Lite files. It ships with Mini game heaven, Super Action Hero, Penoa jeongi, Punupunupong, and Come2us soccer 2006. The 1GB of storage can hold up to 1000 Flash Lite games. Actually, I'm not sure there are 1000 Flash Lite Games. Maybe use it for MP3s instead. If you can't contain your enthusiasm, this will set you back 90,000 Won ($70-ish). Korean Portable Game Player, MYRACER

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

This is the type of left field gift a clueless parent/grandparent gets a child who wants a DS or PSP. These are the consoles which bring forth hot tears of anger on Christmas morning, folks.