Thanksgiving Sunday Rumor Roundup

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In the interest of getting some news to you in a slow cycle, let's start Sunday with a chatter roundup.


Here are three things that enough people are blabbing about in the video game blogosphere that I'm reasonably comfortable passing them along. These are other people's rumors, and other people's sources - I've tried to put a sniff test on 'em. By itself I don't think one makes much of a post, but three are good to chew over with your Reese's Puffs this a.m. Enjoy.

• New Xbox 360 "Jasper" Console to have 256 MB of Flash Memory - Xbox 360 Fanboy is reporting this, but is it really a rumor? Dean Takahashi reported the 256MB figure as straight-up fact in his rundown of what the 360 will feature. Either way, that would allow the console to be shipped with the entire NXE on it, removing the need to connect the machine to XBL to download and install it.


• Disaster: Day of Crisis OTW to North America? - GoNintendo got screenshots of email from a reader talking to Nintendo customer support (grain of salt alert), in which the reader was told "I'm pleased to report that Disaster: Day of Crisis has been announced for North America, but no release date yet." The comment was attributed to Dervin Camden, Nintendo of America Inc. Makes sense, and the last time we had someone's tech support give up details about a title release, it was GTA IV for the PC and that turned out pretty well.

• Fable II OTW to PC? Joystiq goes with a rumor from a German-language site, quoting a "gut unterrichteter Quelle" (well-informed source) that Fable II will indeed be ported over to the PC. The rumor goes so far as to give a date: Feb. 15, 2009. Joystiq points out Fable's PC release came a year after the original, so this might be a little early, but who knows. That was an original, this is a sequel that everyone expected to make nothing other than moolah galore, maybe they had the port in the works simultaneously.

Rumor: Jasper 360s Get 256MB Internal Storage[Xbox 360 Fanboy]
RUMOR - Disaster: Day of Crisis Getting a Chance in North America? [GoNintendo via GayGamer]
Rumor: Fable II Coming to PC in February [Joystiq via Blue's News]

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I sure hope the Jasper 360 results in reliable hardware. My wallet will not allow me to roll the dice on a product that has a relatively higher chance at failing than other devices.