LIPS Mic Will Work With Rock Band 2... Eventually

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The motion-sensing microphones for karaoke killer, Lips for the Xbox 360, will eventually work with Rock Band 2, Harmonix is saying.

“Microsoft and MTV Games are working together to ensure that consumers will be able to use the wireless mics from ‘Lips’ with ‘Rock Band 2’ after launch. More details on timing to come. Harmonix and MTV Games strive for all third-party controllers to work with the Rock Band games, fitting with Harmonix’ open-platform philosophy for controllers.”

The question now is, does that mean just microphone support or is Harmonix going to also build in a different play mechanic that will tap into the motion sensing? My money is on the first, but it's still nice.

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Good to hear! My wife wants this for Christmas and I really dig the microphones. This would be ideal for me to get it to work with RB2 since thats all everyone plays at my house when company comes over and I hate connecting all the controllers up.