Club Nintendo USA Is Go! Err... Almost!

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Nintendo of America's take on Club Nintendo launched earlier today, giving us a look at the lovely Nintendo-themed goodies that await members in good standing. Unfortunately, it was quickly taken offline.


On the bright side, we did get a look at the prizes Club Nintendo will be offering its members, most of it very familiar stuff: the Game & Watch Collection for the Nintendo DS, Mario Party and Animal Crossing themed playing cards, stylus packs, game cases and more. The better stuff runs about 800 "coins," the currency one collects when registering games and completing surveys, with some of the less exciting collectibles — the Wii Remote Holder, for example — priced at just 300 coins.

The Club Nintendo web site has reverted back to its "Coming Soon" status, but we hope that the technical kinks are knocked out soon so we can get to registering.

Club Nintendo [thanks, Alexander!]


Here's a few things to be aware of...

1) Users of the "MY Nintendo" system can transfer over their old account to the Club Nintendo — Just make sure you use the same e-mail address of the old system.

2) You will get a chance at getting Coins from SOME of your previously registered games — You'll have to complete a survey in order to get the coins.

3) The Community Forums will be returning — The downside is that the Tech Forums that are current up are closed while they make the changes.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT NOT EVERYTHING UP YET! So after completing the registration process, prepare to get frustrated with the site as it's still very buggy...