360 Has Outsold PS3 In Western Europe

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There's been a constant tit-for-tat between Microsoft and Sony all year long over just who has sold more consoles in Europe. Problem being, Europe being what it is, you can never really tell.

There are multiple companies tracking sales across multiple countries with multiple conditions attached to their data, so getting cold, hard, continent-wide sales numbers is usually little more than a pipe dream.

Still...here's some data that's better than nothing. According to the combined figures of ChartTrack and GfK, the Xbox 360 has outsold the PlayStation 3 by around one million consoles in the five largest markets in Western Europe.


That's Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

A million is pretty close all things considered, but when you consider only one thing - that Europe used to be Sony's heartland - the news isn't as hot as it sounds.

Xbox 360 leads PS3 by 1m in Europe [Eurogamer]

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This is all fine and good but we all now that the console war will be won and lost in Portugal.