Chuck E. Cheese? Effed Up Violent, "Madness"

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Remember when you were a kid, and going to Chuck E. Cheese. Play some Pole Position, a little skeet ball. Back then, it was something Atari founder Nolan Bushnell could be proud of. Now?

Now, now it's not. According to, the amount of violence (among adults!) at Chuck E. Cheese continues to be high. For example, there were 13 arrests for disorderly conduct at the Susquehanna Township restaurant alone. The year before, police had to respond to incidents 18 times at the same restaurant.

Susquehanna Twp. Police Chief Robert A. Martin explains that the reason for these incidents is often people with ongoing disputes bump into each other at Chuck E. Cheese. "They see each other at Chuck E. Cheese, and before you know it an argument turns into something physical," says Martin. "It's madness, absolute madness."


We think there's too much Chuck in that Cheese.

Perhaps it's divorced parents at a kid's birthday party, Martin added. Last spring, a man slapped his estranged wife in the head at their child's party.

It's not just this one Chuck E. Cheeses that is going bonkers, but other franchises as well. Other incidents include a man yelling that he had hepatitis C as he ran around the restaurant spitting or 17 year-old girl that was dragged by her hair in the parking lot.

According to Chuck E. Cheese, all the restaurants have security cameras to protect customers, restaurants employees and the poor schmo who dresses as the chain's mascot.


First Atari turns to crap, and now Chuck E. Cheese goes apeshit? Nolan Bushnell is truly King Midas in reverse.

Conduct at Chuck E. Cheese described as 'madness' [PennLive Thanks for the tip Yokai Attack!] [Pic]


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Pbshh...I was going there when it used to be called Showbiz...Chuck-E-Cheez turned it