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The Behemoth Prepping Follow Up To Castle Crashers

Illustration for article titled The Behemoth Prepping Follow Up To Castle Crashers

The creators of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers have not given up on the video game development business. In fact, they're already prototyping a new title! Way to soldier on, The Behemoth.


Artist Dan Paladin writes on the Behemoth's Development Blog of Development that the studio is "off to a very strong and solid start," but is understandably cagey on details. (We anticipate something animated that displays graphics on screen.)

"The game has proven to be a lot of fun for the people that we’ve shown!" Paladin writes. "Perhaps we can start posting imagery later on and begin a guessing game about the game. It’s like two games in one! Maybe we’ll just flat out tell you, though, and ruin the guessing game."


And that's about all we know. Considering how long development on Castle Crashers took — not to mention the title update to fix the little bugger — we'll switch into Patience Mode while we slowly anticipate the Behemoth's next.

Dan Paladin; Best Blogger of 2009 [The Behemoth Development Blog]

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I have a soft spot in my heart for The Behemoth. Tom Fulp is, in my mind, a hero of capitalism, from starting Newgrounds (and seeing how far it has come), to creating Alien Hominid on an out-of-pocket budget with a friend, to making one of the coolest games on Xbox Live...and there is a lot of praise that can be piled on Dan Paladin for his simplistic, yet brilliant art designs. It gives an original feel to every work they do together.