Far Cry 2 Sells Well, But Is Prince Of Persia Really A Slow Starter?

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Ubisoft released some sales figures today as part of their financial results reporting. Listed are the to-date numbers for Far Cry 2, Prince of Persia, Raving Rabbids TV Party & Shaun White Snowboarding.

Shaun White enjoyed a surprisingly strong debut, selling 2.3 million copies worldwide and becoming the second-highest-selling sports title in the US behind Madden.

Raving Rabbids TV party also did better than you or I would have predicted, moving 1.5 million units despite Ubisoft's best attempts at driving the once-lovable little white psychopaths into the ground.


Now for the interesting stuff. Far Cry 2 proved that, as many people believed, it's a slow-burner, selling 2.9 million copies worldwide since release. Ubisoft were happy with that (and Raving Rabbids), so happy that they reckon it "offset the impact of a slower take-off for Prince of Persia".

Slower take-off? It's sold 2.2 million copies since December, an impressive tally for a game that's only just been released and was caught in the wake of bigger holiday releases like Gears 2, Fallout 3 and Fable II. Just how many copies were Ubisoft expecting to sell?

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Well, I figure its one of three things: The price, the difficulty and the competition.

While it is very easy to like the game, the nature of yet another $60 game in a crowded environment means that it was a steep gamble. Too many choices for the unsure gamer and a lack of a demo punished the developer. You also got the fact that only one retailer had the price cut directly before xmas would make you think it might have been a lesser quality game(keep reading before you whine).

While you may have your own opinion on how the "life system" made/spoiled the game, it made the game somewhat friendly to some new players. That is until they reach The Warrior of course. Some players have no problem beating him, others not so much([forums.ubi.com]). That sorta thing might have also played its part if only minutely.

But hey, its a somewhat quiet spring(unless your up for Killzone or some of the other fine releases).